3D Architecture company profile

Based in Bucharest, 3D architecture studio was founded in 2004, when the globalization started to affect the architectural visualization industry. Even from the beginning, we wanted to become an alternative to other architectural studios that were mass-producing renderings at ridiculously low prices. Our goal has been to provide highest quality products for our clients and at the same time keeping the costs at a reasonable level in order to be considered as a more efficient solution to in-house production.
Since than, with no language or cultural barrier, we have been able efficiently work with clients from all over the world.

Quality and prices
Although we don’t have the cheapest prices on the global market (the price for a “typical” rendering produced by us being somewhere around 400 – 450 euros) time has proven that the quality/price ratio that we have, is quite difficult to match by other studios anywhere in the world. Although this may seem like an overstatement, the fact that 99% of our clients that we have been working for, have become regular customers, makes us feel that we are entitled to believe it.

The team and background experience
All the members of the 3d architecture team have degrees in architecture, design or traditional painting.
Having background studies and experience in both technical and artistic sides, we believe that all the renderings we produce not only are correctly done, from a technical point of view, but also they “tell a story” which is very important for an image that is used for marketing purposes.

We feel that the sense responsibility and reliability are our most important assets. If we commit to a project, you can be sure that we will deliver everything on time, according to the schedule that both parts had previously agreed upon, with no compromises with regards to the quality.
We are happy to see that our clients, judging by their testimonials, also appreciate these the most.