Clients and testimonials

During the last 5 years of activity in the field of architectural visualization, our studio has been working with real estate developers, architects and designers from all over the world. Also due to our competitive prices and high quality renderings, we have also been sub-contracted by top class architectural visualization firms.

Here are some comapanies that we have been honored to work for:

Robelco (a leading real estate developer from Belgium)

Montois Partners Architects (a prestigious architecture office in Bruxelles)

Darwin Residence (a residential complex, developed by South Pacific Grup)

Arabesque (one of the most well known providers of construction materials from Romania)

Cardavantaj (a division of Credit Europe Bank -

Melbourne Residence (a residential complex developed by South Pacific Grup)

Sydney Residence (a residential complex developed by South Pacific Grup)

Adelaide Residence (a residential complex developed by South Pacific Grup)

Terra Residence (a residential complex located near Bucharest)

Visual Eyes Media (an architectural visualization studio in London -

Anderson-Terzic (an architectural visualization studio from Great Britain

Ocular Production (an architectural visualization studio from Singapore)


“Through our partnership with, Visual Eyes Media has been
afforded the opportunity to add ultra-realistic internal imagery to it’s portfolio of services.
When working with 3D-Architecture we are always confident that they will deliver the high quality
imagery that both we and our clients have come to expect. In an industry where visual
communication is so important, 3D-Architecture has proven that they are a very efficient and professional studio.”

Anthony Lester,

“Thank-you for working on two projects recently for us. I was
impressed by your helpfulness, your ability to respond quickly and
your reliability.  When we get another suitable job we would like you
to work for us again.”

David Anderson -

“Dés que l’occasion se présentera, nous ne manquerons pas de reprendre
contact avec toi pour d’éventuelles collaborations, car nous avons été
agréablement impressionnés par la qualité de ton travail.

Etienne Bruyère
, au nom de toute l’équipe du bureau Montois Partners.”

High quality and cost effective services, but most importantly, sense of
responsibility and great customer support.
We have been working with the 3d-architecture team for some time, and
their services helped us communicate better with important clients such as
HP, Honeywell, General Electric and others. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend
them everybody that needs photo-real computer generated imagery.

Aurel Gavriloaia -

“Impressive photorealistic 3D, responsible, helpful and highly efficient artists, what more do you need?
Good job, Alex, You have a great team at!”

Mark Lim -