Services and Prices

Most of the work done by the 3D architecture studio consists in modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering of architectural environments.

The architectural renderings that we usually produce can be categorized in 4 main categories: photomontage renderings, exterior photo realistic renderings, interior photo realistic renderings and elevated floor plans.

1) Photomontage renderings

These type of images combine real photos with computer generated elements. These are used mostly when the client wants to show how the soon to be built building will integrate with the existing environment (gardens, neighboring buildings, etc.)

The price for this type of rendering starts at 400 euros per image if the photo is provided by the client.

Here is an example of photomontage rendering (you can see more examples in our portfolio)

2) Exterior renderings

These are used when the environment and buildings need to be entirely modeled in 3d. Their price starts at 450 per image; if more than one view of a building is required, the second will cost 50% of the price of the first one.

Bellow is an exterior rendering example (you can see more in our portfolio section)

3) Interior renderings

Interior renderings are a great marketing tool because not only they help visualize the space, but due to their high level of detail and realism they “connect” with the emotional side of the viewers, making them “dream” about a new lifestyle.

The price for interior renderings start at 400 euros per image, and like the exterior renderings, if more views are required for the same space, the costs for the additional renderings represent 50% of the first one.

You can find more examples of interior renderings in our portfolio.

4) Elevated floor plans

These are basic but efficient marketing tools; unlike simple cad drawings that can be a bit difficult to “read” by the untrained eye, elevated floor plans help visualize the space better and at the same time they are more appealing.

The price for these type of renderings starts at 80 euros per image.

Bellow is an example of an elevated floor plan (you can see more examples in our portfolio)

On some occasions, we are asked to produce 3d renderings or animations that are less related to architectural visualization. A good example is the website; our studio did all the animations and the web design agency that contracted us merged eveything we did in one interactive product.